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Deploy Backends Globally

Our Backends are deployed globally in over 20+ regions within seconds. This ensures that your backend is always fast and reliable.

Best All-In-One Backend Solution

We have the best all-in-one backend solution on the market. We take care of every time consuming task and provide every feature you need.

Automatically Scale

We automatically scale your backend to handle any amount of traffic. API-Lib is built on top of the most reliable cloud infrastructure.

Serverless Infrastructure

API-Lib is built to operate serverless. This means that you only pay for what you use. No more paying for idle servers.

Optimized Workflows

We want to make sure that you can focus on what matters. That is why we have optimized our workflows to be as efficient as possible.

Different Environments

We support different environments for your backend. You can have a development, staging and production environment.

100% Customizable

We make sure that you can customize your backend to your needs. You can add custom code and use supported programming language.

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

We make sure that your backend is always fast, reliable and secure. Our team is constantly working on improving our infrastructure.


We support versioning for your backend. This means that you can always go back to a previous version of your backend.

Database Management

We support different databases for your backend. You can choose between SQL and NoSQL databases. We can host your database or you can use your own.

Advanced Debugging

You can easily debug your backend with our advanced debugging tools. We log everything and display it easyly in your dashboard.

Cloud Based

We are a cloud based solution. This means that the management etc. is done via our Web-App. You can access it from anywhere.

How it works

Few steps to your perfect backend


Select a Template

We have a wide range of templates for you to choose from. You can also start from scratch if that is what you prefer.


Create your Backends Logic

There are many ways to create your backends logic. You can use our visual editor or write your own code.

  • Our user-friendly Visual Editor offers ample features for creating your desired backend.
  • Built on popular languages and frameworks, our Framework lets you leverage existing knowledge for backend development.
  • Explore our Module Marketplace for a range of backend modules – from login to even payment functionalities.

Deploy Globally

We automatically deploy your backend to our global infrastructure. This ensures that your backend is always reachable within milliseconds.

Modernize your backend today

Backends are hard. We make them easy.

We make sure that your backend is always up to date and secure. Join the future of backend development today.

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  • Best All-In-One Backend Solution